These Guys Crash Anything On Wheels And The Results Are Hilarious


Ever wondered what it's like to crash a shopping cart at 73 mph?

Crash tests are an extremely important component to gauge new car safety. Luckily, it is very rare that a brand new car is categorized as a complete deathtrap. Sometimes we laugh when someone decides to test something that is clearly not meant to be crashed at high speed. When the Euro NCAP crashed a golf cart into a wall, the results were pretty spectacular. Now, Dynamic Test Center in Sweden has decided to run a shopping cart into a wall at 73 mph. They also set a record for the fastest shopping cart in the world, and they didn't stop there.

Obviously, a shopping car is never going to reach highway speeds, unless a bunch of drunk friends are really ambitious. The center first crashed the cart into a car to see how much damage it would cause before sending it to its doom at 73 mph. We wouldn't want to be riding in that cart.

The Dynamic Test Center is also known for crashing weird objects at high speeds, and a piano is no exception.

If you ever wanted to perform the worst prank in the history of the world, you should see this video. The team crashed a camper van with a crash test dummy resting on one of the beds. Let's just say the dummy wouldn't be able to stay asleep after the crash.

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