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These Guys Got Caught Building Fake Ferraris And Lamborghinis

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A father and son team were selling the Fakerarris and Shamborghinis via social media.

Police in Brazil has shut down a secret factory making fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the southern state of Santa Catarina. According to the AP, a father and son team were offering the cars on social media for $45,000 to $60,000 USD. The police raid found eight works in progress and, according to officials, police are investigating to try and discover exactly how many were already made.

Looking at the photos, its clear these aren't the greatest replicas in the world but they're also not just sticking a body kit on a Fiero and calling it job done. The reports so far are vague and leave a few questions we have unresolved, such as who exactly was their market? Were they trying to sell them as the genuine thing or to wannabe rich people who can't afford the real thing?

What we have learned from an interview with the man in charge of the operation by the Folha de São Paulo newspaper is that "In one of the vehicles, they were installing the engine of an Omega." The Chevrolet Omega is a Brazilian market version of the European Opel Omega and, later, a badge-engineered Holden Commodore from Australia and only had General Motors V6 engines. Also recovered were tools and molds used for the production and counterfeit parts, including badging.

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Understandably, Ferrari and Lamborghini are happy to see an end to this little production line and its also been reported that it was the automakers that alerted the Brazilian authorities. The complaint came via a law firm in São Paulo that represents both Ferrari and Lamborghini, but the illegal operation was already under scrutiny following lawsuits from two people with complaints about late delivery. Police will also be investigating people who have ordered cars, so they have two solid leads there already.