These Guys Have a Kickass Vision For the Future of Bikes

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And they would probably do some crazy sh*t on them.

If 50 years ago you showed people what today's bikes look like they would be in disbelief. That's basically the idea that 5e11even Media has created for present day motorcycle fans, by producing artwork depicting their vision of what biking in the future could entail. Anything from a flying jet turbine rocket bike to clothing infused with motorcycle parts and even what appears to be a robot that doubles as a motorcycle. Yep, this stuff is pure fantasy.

The creators of the artwork are part of the French Stunt Organization. Leave it to stunt riders to make something pretty far out there. But who knows, maybe one of you readers will someday put their vision into action. Until then, check out the wicked art work they are doing in our time and imagine what kind of stunts they could master on a flying rocket. For more info and pics, check out 5e11even Media's Instagram page.

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