These Guys Have Been Thrashing Cars Around And Getting Paid For It For 4 Years

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The greatest jobs ever?

We should all be jealous of these guys. They get paid to come up with the craziest and not always safest car hack job projects possible. The end result is Roadkill, starring David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan. And now they're celebrating their 50th episode, in style of course. When we say in style, it means more of the same, only better. Like the 25th episode special, Freiburger and Finnegan are taking some of their greatest creations and pretty much just thrashing them around.

Thing is, only 10 of their cars are still running and driving. Remember the Rotsun, for example? It's dead now thanks to a crank that's broken in half. So which 10 Roadkill cars are still up for some no good? Check out the Roadkill 50th episode special to find out. Enjoy!

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