Skateboarding The Hell Out Of A Tesla Model S Door

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You have to admire the ingenuity on display here.

The guys over at Braille Skateboarding have proven they can turn virtually anything you throw at them into a functioning skateboard. A quick browse through their YouTube channel reveals them skating on everything from barbed wire and glass to Lego bricks. Their ingenuity is undeniably impressive, but how is this relevant to the auto industry, you might ask?

Well, in their latest video the team at Braille Skateboarding embarked on their toughest challenge yet: make the door from a Tesla Model S skateable. They couldn't afford the whole car, so they bought a defective door from a Model S on eBay instead. It sounds crazy, but as you can see in the video they somehow pulled it off.

"I told the guys I wanted a Tesla, so they got me... a door? Wow, thanks guys," professional skateboarder Aaron Kyro wrote. "I wasn't sure it would skate, but we managed to get some pretty awesome tricks in on it. What should we skate next?"

Drilling through the inside of the Tesla's door proved to be remarkably easy, and before long the team attached four axles and eight wheels to create the custom skateboard, though the design of the door meant the tracks weren't perfectly in-line, which isn't ideal for stability.

Nevertheless, after some practice the determined skaters successfully managed to ollie over a flight of stairs and grind down a rail on a car door without breaking any bones. That's not a sentence we ever thought we would write. If anything, it's another testament to the rigidity of the Tesla Model S as the door didn't sustain any damage after enduring so much punishment.


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