These Guys Ripped Apart A Ford Raptor To Build A Fake Tesla Cybertruck

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Required build time: eight months.

This isn't the first time we've seen a fake Tesla Cybertruck and it surely won't be the last. However, this latest endeavor is actually very impressive inside and out. According to Reuters, an impatient Tesla Cybertruck fan and fabrication house owner from Bosnia didn't feel like waiting around for Tesla to sell him its first-ever pickup truck, so he took matters into his own hands. Fortunately, the guy had all of the resources and talent necessary to make it happen.

This near-carbon-copy replica Cybertruck took a total of eight months to complete and required a number of IT specialists and engineers at Igor Krezic's Stark Solutions. However, the team didn't build an all-electric platform from scratch. In fact, its creation isn't electric but rather good old internal combustion.

Global News/YouTube
Global News/YouTube

Underneath that Cybertruck replica body is a Ford F-150 Raptor, which had to be completely ripped apart down to its core. What you're essentially looking at is a combustion-engined Cybertruck. From the moment it hit the streets for the first time it caught everyone's attention.

"Everybody was watching and half of them thought we made a tank, because people don't know what the Cybertruck is. One girl even stopped and asked if this is the place where they are producing Tesla Cybertruck," said company manager Mario Coric.

Global News/YouTube
Global News/YouTube

"The owner wanted us to combine two opposite sides - Ford and Cyber - because he is a fan of both Tesla and Ford, so we merged two souls into one," said Coric. This one uses gasoline and Tesla uses electricity. We tried to copy as much as possible but our car is not the same size as the Cybertruck."

So far, neither Tesla nor Ford has commented on the project. Chances are neither company will care. It doesn't appear Stark Solutions has any plans to build more Cybertruck copies, especially since the road-legal registrations process is already difficult enough.

Bosnian officials are apparently hesitant to give it the green light because sharp-edged vehicles are not currently legal. In other words, even the real Cybertruck will be banned in the country once it goes sale.

Global News/YouTube
Global News/YouTube
Global News/YouTube

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