These Guys Swapped A Chevrolet LS6 Crate Engine Into A Boat Just Because

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Doing awesome things requires no explanation.

We've come to expect to see pretty damn cool happenings from the guys at Road Kill. Their job, essentially, is to come up with offbeat and somewhat crazy automotive projects, all backed up with a corporate budget. OK, so maybe not a limitless amount of money can be spent but it's enough to do something like swapping out a Chevrolet Performance LS6 crate engine from a 1974 Chevy C10 pickup truck and install it into a boat. Then they'll need to race that newly engined boat, on the water obviously. But it doesn't end there.

Once the water racing is over, the guys uninstall that crate engine and re-install it in the truck as it originally was. Why go through all that trouble to get that truck up and running again? The answer is very simple: the guys need something to drive home. The video ahead is just over 30 minutes but it's really worth watching.

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