These Guys Use An Inner Tube To Make A Race Exhaust

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It probably wont be impressing anyone at the next meet.

When a tuner gets his hands on a new car, one of the first things they usually go for is a new exhaust. It frees up a few horsepower, and gives the car a new sound that most enthusiasts want. That being said, not everyone has the money to throw at a new exhaust, and in that case, it's time to get creative. These guys in Poland decided to think outside the box when it comes to changing the exhaust note of their small car. Using a Nissan Micra, they turned to inner tubing to solve their problem

The guys cut a piece of tube and place it over the exhaust. They do a few test runs, make some adjustments, and then hit the road. While it doesn't add any performance gains, and the sound is well...less than authentic, we give them an A for creativity.

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