These Guys Want To Build A $75,000 Supercar

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Exsqueeze me? A baking powder?

Hearing the word "supercar" is typically associated with not only performance but also price. A genuine supercar (not a supercar killer) for less than $100,000? Is that even possible? Early this summer we wrote about the Las Vegas start-up PSC Motors and its goal to build a 1,700 hp Ferrari-killer hypercar. Called the SP-200 SIN, it'll have a 9.0-liter V8 hooked up to a pair of electric motors for that combined horsepower output. But that'll be a very small volume model, so what about something more for the masses? Introducing the SP-150.

According to BoldRide, it's powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 with 680 hp. Starting price? Less than $80,000. Say around $75k. Consider us interested. If all goes well with that launch, PSC Motors wants to launch the SP-150S with 750 hp for around $100,000, the 820-hp SP-150R for $130,000, and the SP-150 Mugen for $210,000. PSC Motors CEO Antonio Calva told BoldRide that his company has "all of the funds to produce both the SP-200 and SP-150" and "a group of 32 engineers working around the clock all with previous automotive history to produce the SP-200." If all continues to go to plan, we'll see both cars debut at Geneva this March.

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