These Have To Be Four Of The Craziest Lamborghinis In The World

That may or not may be a good thing.

Before Pagani andKoenigsegg showed up on the screen, Lamborghini was known for creating some ofthe most radically designed supercars every conceived. In recent times, the automakerhas had to tone its designs down to cater to more of the market. Well, in alittle place called Japan, modifying supercars has become a main part of theBosozoku culture. Thanks to Marchettino, we get a look at four of the craziestLamborghinis in Japan and possibly even in the world. We’re talking about morethan just crazy paintjobs and widebody kits here.

Depending onwhat type of vehicle you favor, you may or may not like these. Either way, it’snice to see some crazy Lamborghinis again.

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