These Japanese Dodge Ram Vans Will Destroy Your Car On A Track

Who knew vans could look and handle that well?

If you’ve beenhaving a tough week, then this documentary about a group of Dodge Ram racers inJapan is the perfect cure. What started out as a joke - anyone with the brightidea of racing vans around a circuit isn’t really that bright - quickly caughttraction and now has a large following. These vans aren’tthe typical ones found in the U.S. No, these are heavily modified vans that havebeen created to do one thing - scare the shit out of people with their incredibleability on a track.

It’s kind of a long video (just under 10 minutes) but will surelyput a smile on your face. To see people turn something as crappy as a Ram van intoa track toy is truly a sight to behold. It just goes to show you that you don’tneed a supercar to have fun on a track.

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