These Maserati Quattroporte And Ghibli Models Could Catch Fire

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Maserati has issued yet another recall to prevent a potential fire hazard.

Maserati is recalling more than 6,300 examples of the Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans because there's a risk they could catch fire. According to documents submitted to the NHTSA, the recall affects 2014-2015 models that potentially have damaged fuel lines that could result in a leak. With an ignition source, this, of course, increases the risk of a fire starting. Maserati says 3,110 Ghiblis and 3,191 Quattroporte models will need to have their fuel lines replaced.


According to Maserati, the fuel lines may have been damaged during production by "foreign particles." The damage is likely to be found on the inside of the fuel lines and starts as a scratch that could cause a leak. Owners may see fuel droplets under the car or smell an increased scent of fuel.

Maserati will notify owners by mail and replace the fuel lines free of charge. The automaker said it expects to begin the recall on January 15, 2019 and is not aware of any complaints or warranty claims in the US related to the fuel lines.


If this problem sounds familiar, that's because Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli cars from the same model years were recalled last year for the same reason. According to CarComplaints, the automaker received an inquiry from Japan about a fuel leak that occurred on a Quattroporte GTS that was not included in the recall, leading the automaker to collect the component and send it to the supplier.

Maserati learned the fuel line component came from the same parts that were included in the 2017 recall. At least seven cars in the US had been built with the same defective fuel lines but hadn't been included in the recall. Affected models that were recalled last year will not require any additional repairs.


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