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These One-Off Volkswagens Are Packed With Power And Tech

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And they were designed by VW apprentices.

Every year, the Wörthersee show is held in Austria where Volkswagen enthusiasts gather to see what's new. They also like to bring their own beloved hot hatches for obvious reasons. Volkswagen itself is also present, having introduced concepts like last year's Golf GTI TCR concept and 2017's up! GTI concept. Both went into production. But this year VW has done things a bit differently by having assigned its team of apprentices to build two new concepts.

First up is the Golf GTI Aurora, which was handled by the Wolfsburg apprentice team. Its familiar 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder has been boosted to 380 hp and is connected to the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It's painted in Nardo Gray with a black finish at the rear and Mint Green accents throughout.

Its new body kit was even hand-painted. In addition to the unique paint job and power upgrade, this one-off features a 3,500-watt sound system which required the hot hatch's rear seat to be removed for adequate space. The center console was also modified to allow for new screens showing engine and car data. A passenger-side tablet allows access to this information and that of the stereo system. Lastly, there's a hologram device installed in the trunk. Yes, this hologram is actually operable and can be used to adjust the sound system via special sensor gloves or joysticks. Cool.

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The second concept is called the Golf Estate R 4MOTION FighteR (that's how they spell it). Built by the Zwickau apprentice squad, this all-wheel drive hot wagon, which isn't sold in stock form in North America, has a power increase to 400 hp – the very same output of the Golf R400, the wild concept we were once promised but that will now never happen. The concept is again paired to the same dual-clutch, only power goes to all four wheels instead of just the front. Thanks to its new body kit, the wagon is now 2.36-inches wider than the regular version. There are also lights mounted to its roof where a 360-degree camera is located. Why? To record hot laps, of course. Painted in Nardo Gray and Chrystal Silver along with Piano Black and Misano Red accents, the team also felt strobe lights should be positioned in the grille because why the heck not. Inside is leather upholstery and a custom sound system.