These People Hated Their Dodge Journey So Much That They Crushed It With A Tank


That's one way to do it.

FCA is having some serious issues in Australia. Last year a Jeep Grand Cherokee went viral Down Under when its owner rapped about just how big a piece of crap it was. His lemon rap was good, but this video of a Dodge Journey being crushed by a tank might be better. The couple in this video claim that their SUV had a host of problems, including a blown head gasket, cracked engine mount and an oil leak that found its way into the coolant reservoir. In true FCA Australia fashion the car wasn't fixed.

So, the couple decided to crush their Journey with a tank to draw awareness to the country's lemon law campaign. Before crushing it, the SUV was shot up by archers and even had an actual lemon thrown at it. We're not sure if Australia's politicians watch these videos but we hope that frustrated Aussies keep them coming until change arrives.

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