These Rednecks Just Brought Shame To All Challenger Owners


Everything's bigger in Texas.

It's not uncommon to see people modifying their muscle cars and SUVs with oversized wheels or an offset stance, but what happens when you mix both at the same time? In this cringe-worthy example of redneck physics, somebody thought it would be a good idea to haul their obnoxiously modded Dodge Challenger using their other obnoxiously modded car on a ridiculously small tow hitch. Hopefully they weren't traveling too far, because something about the physics of all this looks a little off.

If they want to stay consistent, the only other changes these guys need to complete their look are a set of incorrectly sized rims for their trailer. From the pictures, we can tell that the bottom of this genius' Chevy Tahoe is almost scraping the ground.Maybe it wouldn't be so hard for this SUV to tow if it were the V8 model, but then again, is there really anything they can do to look less stupid at this point?

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