These Retro Ferrari Concepts Are A Feast For The Eyes

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Ferrari would never build anything like this.

Spanish automotive artists Silmane Toubal might be getting a call from Maranello in the next few days after penning these awesome future Ferrari concepts. Taking inspiration from classic Prancing Horses of yesteryear, his Ferrari 250 design comes in an array of flavors: the California hardtop, Malibu spider, and the Daytona track weapon. His vision takes a "Neo Retro Design" approach with the bulk of his inspiration drawn from Ferraris of the 1960s. Interestingly, Ferrari is a carmaker that rarely looks back when creating cars of tomorrow.

The Italian marque celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Now would be the perfect time to unleash a car that harks back to models of old. The closest it has come is with the 70th anniversary editions, but these are nothing more than unique paint jobs. These concepts are still strikingly avant garde, but with a few retro touches, such as the wheels and chrome grille, the overall package is something we've never before seen on a Ferrari. And despite how good these look, we will never see in any future Ferrari. We congratulate Silmane for at least exploring the idea.

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