These Russians Just Reinvented The Tow Truck

And what better place to test it than on the open highway?

Wheneverwe get a video out of Russia, we expect to be blown away by a new formof driving frenzy, an unprecedented display of road rage or a creative way ofdestroying a communist-era car. But sometimes, it's just shear crazinessthat has our jaws reaching for the floor. Take these guys for example: out fora ride on a highway in their E39 BMW 5 Series, they decide to make the drive alittle more interesting. First, they put one of their friends in the trunk,holding a spare tire out towards the traffic behind them. But there is a reason to their madness.

Instead of using a tow, the BMW is constantly pushed from behind, with only the tire standing between the two cars and what couldbecome a nasty rear-ender. Check out the Russian bumper cars here:

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