These Self-Installed Car Stereos Systems Are So Wonderfully Awful To Look At


And try not to laugh.

Right. So people did this. Installing car stereo systems can, obviously, be done professionally. But these car owners chose, shall we say, an alternative path. It's quite clear these car stereo systems were all done on a budget, which itself isn't a crime. But the completed installations look questionable. Questionable as in one faulty wire could spark a fire and the entire car would quickly be toast. These stereos/fire hazards mainly come from Russia. Makes sense.

Don't know about any of you, but we'd really hesitate getting into most of these cars if the travel time was more than five minutes or so. Even then we'd kindly request the driver to go no more than a few miles per hour. It'll be easier to quickly bail out when the inevitable fire erupts. Once again, welcome to Russia (and the surrounding region).

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