These Special Edition Saleen Mustangs Pack Some Serious Power

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Both road and track variants will be revealed in September.

We've been spoiled with modified Mustangs lately, from the spectacular Shelby Wide Body Concept, to a German-tuned Mustang with supercar performance. The latest member in the modified Mustang club comes from tuner Saleen with the reveal of the "30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition." Available in both road and racing-spec, this special edition Mustang celebrates 30 years since Saleen's racing team won the 1987 Driver, Manufacturer, Team, and Tire SCCA ESCORT Endurance Championships.

The naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V8 has been replaced with a 3.2-liter Liquid Cooled supercharger in both special edition Mustangs. For the street version, the power output has upgraded to 730-horsepower, while the more potent track car packs a whopping 750-hp of tire-shredding fury. General Tire will be sponsoring the special edition Mustangs, which was "essential to the success of Saleen Automotive race teams in the 1980s." Both Mustangs will sport Saleen's signature white wheels wrapped in new General Tire ultra-high performance G-MAX-RS tires and will also be fitted with a newly developed exhaust system and competition shifter.

The race version includes all the upgrades you would expect for a track toy, including a 4-point roll cage, 4-point harness and upgraded radiator. The rear seats have also been removed to save extra weight. These savage Saleens will debut at a special media event with the original 1987 Championship Team drivers. Production of the Commemorative Saleens will begin in September.

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