These Stray Dogs Hate The Jetta More Than You; Look What Happened


Well, this sucks.

Picture this: you walk outside in the morning on your way to work or school. You go to get into your car but you see a problem. That problem is a pack of wild dogs viciously attacking your ride. Not just attacking, but actually trying to take a f-cking bite out of the sheetmetal. That's exactly what happened in Chongqing, China, with these stray dogs and a Volkswagen Jetta. Now, we're not the biggest fans of the current Jetta, but we don't think it deserves to be physically attacked by rabid dogs.

They reportedly totaled the fenders, scratched the paint, and bit a windshield wiper off. A neighbor took pictures of the whole thing so that the owner would know what really happened because it'd suck to be blamed for something you didn't do. Photos courtesy of

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