These Two Maybachs Just Got Into The World's Most Expensive Fender Bender

You can easily buff scrapes off of a Maybach, right?

Getting into a fender bender in a normal car is bad enough, but doing it behind the wheel of a Maybach is worse. Of course that situation becomes much worse when the car your Maybach hits is—wait for it—another Maybach. That’s what happened here. Unlike other Russian dash cam videos this one is pretty damn tame. There was no speeding involved and no fight broke out as a consequence of this crash. It's hard to tell whether this behavior is abnormal or if all those previous videos were just insane.

That’s what makes it so sad and upsetting. Almost everyone has made the mistake of mixing up “Reverse” and “Drive,” but they usually don’t do it while behind the wheel of a four-wheel luxury barge. Hopefully this bump buffs out.

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