These Were Some Of The Best Art Cars At Burning Man 2015

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Super trippy!

Every summer since 1991, thousands of festival goers have ascended upon the Nevada desert to cruise out to the annual Burning Man festival at the temporary alternative community of "Black Rock City." The festival is based upon several central principles including radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, gifting and leaving no trace behind. Also, as the name implies, the yearly gathering is named after the massive Burning Man that is ceremoniously set alight at the conclusion of the festivities.

Every year Burning Man inspires various forms of artistic expression in preparation for the event. Many "Burners" spend the entire year preparing their camp themes, interactive art pieces, performances and, of course, special art cars for the festival. These were some of the coolest Burning Man art cars that were spotted cruising through and camping out in Black Rock City during this year's gathering.

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