These Were the 10 Most Stolen Cars of 2013


Warning: avoid old Hondas and pickups.

Having your car stolen totally sucks. So when you go shopping for a new car, it’d be a good idea to at least be aware of which cars, trucks and SUVs are particular favorites for asshole car thieves. Every year, various organizations gather data, do some math, and issue a report stating which makes and models are eye candy for said thieves. And now the National Insurance Crime Bureau has just released its findings for the ten most stolen vehicles in 2013.

Do note, however: the upcoming list doesn’t specify exact model years; just which models had the highest theft rates last year. Check out the complete list (from highest to lowest thefts) and the video ahead, which provides a pretty good explanation behind the findings.

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1. Honda Accord – 53,995 2. Honda Civic – 45,001 3. Chevrolet Pickup (full size) – 27,809 4. Ford Pickup (full size) – 26,494 5. Toyota Camry – 14,420 6. Dodge Pickup (full size) – 11,347 7. Dodge Caravan – 10,911 8. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee –9,272 9. Toyota Corolla – 9,010 10. Nissan Altima – 8,892