These YouTubers All Got Together To See Who Built The Best Project Car

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SuperspeedersRob issued the challenge, and four YouTubers responded.

For those who are subscribed to SuperspeedersRob on YouTube, you are probably well aware of the Project Car Challenge issued by Rob Ferretti. Basically, Ferretti opened up this challenge to YouTubers with over 10,000 subscribers with a few restrictions. The participants had to pay a $2,500 entry fee, and the cars had to run on street tires and 91 octane fuel (no race gas). Ferretti mainly issued the challenge, as well as a $10,000 bet, to ensure that fellow YouTuber Rob Dahm would finish his ambitious four-rotor RX-7 build.

Dahm brought his AWD four-rotor RX-7 to last year's SEMA show, but the car wasn't running at the time. Even after a full year, the four-rotor project was not completed in time. Dahm was forced to bring his less extreme three-rotor RX-7 (which is set up for drag racing) to the challenge, thus losing the bet with Ferretti.

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The challenge also included Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire, David Patterson (ThatDudeInBlue) and Tommy Farrell (TommyFyeah). Farah brought his Foxbody Mustang with a crate engine, Patterson brought his 2JZ-swapped 240 SX, Farrell brought his R33-swapped R32 Skyline, and Ferretti brought his famous Student Driver Corvette. All of the cars were hot lapped by professional racing driver, Justin Bell. We won't spoil the results of the challenge, but let's just say that not all of the cars were able to finish problem free. This was an interesting display of how good (or bad) a project car can be. Some of the cars even beat the time set by Bell in a brand new 911 GT3.

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