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They Call Him Mr. Cobra; This Guy is the So-Called King of Shelby Cobras


He was a close friend of the late, great, Carroll Shelby.

Lynn Park has loved cars ever since he was a young kid. This passion continued into his teenage years and into adulthood, never fading away, only increasing in time. But Park was also a drag racer who actually built his own AC Cobra replica simply because he couldn't afford a real one from Shelby American. Over the years Park obviously began to earn a higher income and therefore bought the real deal. Over the years he's owned some 50 Shelby Cobras. He basically buys them, fixes them up, keeps some, and sells the rest.

It also doesn't hurt to have a close friend being one of the top Cobra restorers in the business. Today he vintage races Cobras with his two sons. That's the life and passion of Lynn Park. He's our type of car guy. He's the King of Cobra - and was once a close personal friend of Carroll Shelby.

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