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They'll Think Ya Sexy in Rod Stewart's 1971 Lambo Miura P400S

Original awesome Miura P400S was later upgraded to the banging SV edition.

This is a car that has gotten better with age. Not only isits timeless design and outstanding motor even hotter today than it was when itwas originally bought by the legendary Rod Stewart, but the car was alsoupgraded from its original 1971 S spec to the outstanding P400SV that wasintroduced that same year. Beyond the visual changes, the car was givensuspension upgrades, SV taillights and a full restoration, including a revampedBlu Notte paint job.

With the SV upgrade, this legendary Lamborghini, offered forsale by Amari Supercars, makes 385 horsepower from its V12 engine, topping outat a max speed of 180 mph. Although it has had six previous owners, the Miura’smost extensive restoration and the SV upgrade were carried out by the currentowner to the tune of £100,000. No price was quoted on the listing, but weexpect this beauty to fetch quite the pretty penny when it makes the sale.

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