They Might Not Be Big, But 500,000 is Still A Lot of TTs

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It makes sense, who doesn't like TTs?

Audi is now celebrating the anniversary of its 500,000th TT produced since the car went on sale in 1998. That is, as we mentioned in the headline, one hell of a lot of TTs, and Audi is marking the occasion with a special edition of the TTS, called the TTS Competition. Though this name suggests a hardcore track-focused version of the car, the differences between this and the standard TTS are primarily cosmetic, but this can still be a good thing.


From the outside, the Competition can be spotted by its fixed rear wing and 19-inch rotor wheels. There is a choice of just two shades of paint, Nimbus Grey and Imola Yellow, while Roadster versions have the option of a black or grey top. The interior is done in steel grey leather with accents in Imola Yellow. Production is limited to just 500 units, so there is certainly a degree of exclusivity which is otherwise lacking in such a hugely popular model. There is a plaque for the door sill to commemorate this, but it simply says "1 of 500" rather than the actual individual series number.

The engine is the same as the standard TTS, and although there aren't any performance upgrades for the special edition. The price is at least reasonable, at €1,900 above the standard car. Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that, although Audi hasn't mentioned this, the TT is about due for the debut of its third generation. That means this could easily be the last special edition of this generation, outside of any possible final edition. But we aren't talking about Porsche here, this is Audi, and that makes this the TT to hold on to.

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