They Put What Engine Into This Drift Lexus LFA?!

Weird on so many levels.

A lot about this is going to seem like it really doesn't make sense. For one thing, the Lexus LFA is really at its best on a twisty track, which is why it always did so well on the Nurburgring. So it makes little sense as a drift car, and what with drift cars generally having their engines in the front, it makes even less sense. But the oddest thing here is the engine, with the V10 often considered its best feature. But now it's been replaced by a V8 originally intended for use in NASCAR.

Now, Toyota does participate in NASCAR, and the LFA can certainly get sideways, but this all still seems a little bit wrong. We also don't know what sadist uploaded this in 240p, hence we apologize for the blurry images.

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