They're Back! This Is Our First Glimpse of Clarkson's New Show On Amazon


Seems that Clarkson, Hammond, and May are already building some wacky creations.

Filming for Clarkson, May, and Hammond's new show on Amazon has already begun. We still don't have many details about it (including its name), but we do know that Clarkson was involved in some sort of accident during filming and now we finally have a good glimpse of what the guys will be doing. Clarkson, May, and Hammond were spotted in a UK village driving an old Mercedes-Benz SL that had clearly been modified to go off-roading. Not only do we get to see all three presenters in the video, Clarkson actually talks to the person filming them.

As the trio rounds the corner, Clarkson asks the person filming "are you filming this car because it's excellent?" After a brief conversation, the trio drives away. It's not much, but it is our first good look at the new show.

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