They Would, Wouldn't They; BMW Considering an X7

As if the new X4 wasn't punishment enough.

Back in 1999, BMW launched its first SAV (not SUV because "A" stands for "Activity"), the X5. Then came the X3, and since then we’ve seen the launch of the X6, X4 and X1. Heck, even an X2 isn’t far off. But if you feel you’ve been sort of X-ed out, then brace yourself for another one. According to a German publication as well as Car & Driver, BMW is strongly considering a new SUV, crap, sorry...SAV. You guessed it: the X7.

BMW has yet to officially sign off on the project, but if it were to happen chances are the X7, based on the next-generation 7 Series sedan, could even be produced at the automaker’s South Carolina production facility. Compared to the X5, the X7 would be quite a bit longer and wider. It’d also have three rows of seating that’ll be spacious and comfortable for everyone. In order to keep weight in check, BMW will doubtless incorporate plenty of aluminum and carbon fiber. The idea is to keep weight about the same as the current X5. Power will likely come from a turbocharged straight-six as well as a V8. A diesel can also be expected.

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