Thief May Have 'Accidentally' Stolen A $1.4 Million Dollar Car


Gone In 60-Seconds except with more of a hippy vibe.

Nowadays, muscle cars like to try and out macho one another with racing stripes, over the top performance packages, and even carbon fiber wheels, but a little while back, things were a bit different. In an effort to woo women into buying muscle cars, some carmakers like Plymouth offered vinyl roof trim with flower patterns called a “mod top” to give some of the peace and love generation the ability to start a war with their right foot. Now the Plymouth Barracuda is an ultra rare collectors item.

This means that the few buyers who were laughed at for spec’ing out a muscle car with some flower power are doing the laughing on the way to the bank. That’s because some models, like this particular Avocado Green ‘Cuda from 1970, are worth big bucks. This particular Hemi powered example costs $1.4 million dollars, which is why the owner of the car was devastated to find that it was stolen from its garage in Westchester County, New York. Apparently while the car was being prepared to be shipped on April 25th, it mysteriously disappeared leaving owner Steven Juliano with a $1.4 million dollars insurance claim. It’s unclear whether the thief knew the car’s value or just got lucky.

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The main reason for the price is that even though the Barracuda is a rare car, this particular mod top pretty much makes it a one-off because no other ‘Cudas left the factory with one in 1970. The stolen car is made even more special by the fact that it has all of its original parts save for the top that is a recreation of the one it left the factory with. Whoever stole the car is going to have a very hard time driving it or selling it because a car with an avocado green paint job and flowers on the roof doesn’t exactly drive down the street without a few onlookers doing double takes. If you happen to see this car driving around or on Ebay, let Hagerty Insurance know because there is a $50,000 reward (enough for a Mustang GT350) for information that leads to the car’s return.

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