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Thief Smashes Through Showroom To Steal Ford Mustang Bullitt

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Talk about a Hollywood-style getaway.

The new limited-edition Ford Mustang Bullitt is one of the most desirable Mustangs Ford has ever made, built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bullitt film featuring the famous San Francisco car chase with Steve McQueen behind the wheel of a Mustang 390 GT. Unfortunately, someone wasn't prepared to pay a dealer's $51,760-asking price and decided to steal it from a showroom based in Evansville, Indiana, in a Hollywood-style heist.

NBC 14 reports that cleaning staff at the Town and Country Ford dealer turned up for work and discovered glass scattered across the floor of the showroom. The two large doors used to move cars in and out of the showroom had also been broken.

To steal the 475-hp muscle car, the brazen thief broke a door window to enter the showroom, grabbed the keys to the green Bullitt Mustang, and took off, driving straight through the closed glass doors in what sounds like a scene from an action movie. We're already getting flashbacks of the opening scene in Gone in 60 Seconds, where Nicolas Cage drives a Porsche 911 through a dealership window.

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Luckily, police recovered the stolen Mustang a few hours later at a nearby apartment complex, but the suspect hasn't been caught. Tracking them down will be difficult, too. Despite having security cameras installed, the dealership didn't capture any photos or videos of the thief. "Our DVR was not working and it's been repaired now, but we don't have video," said Larry Oldham, general manager of Town and Country Ford. "They are checking some other local businesses videos to see if they got anything."

The dealer plans to repair the damage to the Mustang caused by driving through the glass doors and sell it at a reduced price.