Thief Steals a 911 from an M5

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WARNING: A good car thief is always willing to take the risk to become your car's proud new owner.

Car theft happens all the time. It's an unfortunate reality, but a reality nonetheless. You kind of expect, though, that thieves lurk around in beat-up old cars or nondescript vans from which they spring into action, driving off with a new ride in a matter of seconds. What you don't expect is for a thief to hop out of one high-end car to boost another. In a performance straight out of GTA, a BMW M5 pulls in to a gas station, a passenger hops out, sees a Porsche 911 left unattended, checks his surroundings, jumps in and the two cars drive off.

What, we wonder, is the point of stealing a Porsche when you're already riding in an M5, but we can only surmise that the Bimmer was probably stolen too. Hey, if you're gonna drive it like you stole it, might as well have a nice ride.

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