Thieves Are Targeting Old Chevy Tahoes For Their $1,000 Third-Row Seats

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People will steal anything.

If you're the owner of a pre-2015 Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Yukon then you should pay attention to this. According to GM Authority and originally reported by The Fresno Bee, both of these GM SUVs have become targets for thieves. Interestingly, they aren't after the entire vehicle itself but rather their third-row seats. Apparently car thieves in the area of Porterville, California have been targeting both SUVs because those seats are valued at around $1,000 on the street.


On one Saturday earlier this month, for example, thieves broke into three vehicles solely to snag those third-row seats. Turns out GM was likely aware of the vulnerability of these seats because the current and redesigned Tahoe/Yukon now come with third-row seats that are bolted down. Pre-2015 models, however, don't have this security feature. "We want to ensure that the owners of Chevy Tahoes and GMC Yukons having third-row seats are aware of the current trend and ask that they remain vigilant," stated a local Porterville news release. Vigilant? Perhaps the better answer is to get some sort of seat lock. If GM doesn't offer one, how hard could it be to rig something up at home?


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