Thieves Smash And Grab Four Ferraris From Dealership

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They also made off with "assorted merchandise."

According to local news network 1010 WINS, a trial of thieves smashed through the front glass door of a Long Island Ferrari service center before fleeing with four of the luxury sports cars. According to Nassau County police, the theft happened at the Ferrari of Long Island Service Center in Plainview in the early morning hours.

Once inside, the robbers took "assorted merchandise" and "numerous vehicle key fobs" before leaving the parking lot in a 2014 gray convertible model, a 2016 blue model convertible (we're guessing Ferrari California models), and two white Ferraris from 2018 and 2023.

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"It's unclear how the three perpetrators were able to nab the four cars," says the report, and we can't see it either. However, it appears that a good starting point would be to come up with a list of people that can drive two cars at once or take a closer look at the security footage. Either there were four people, or they had time to come back for the fourth after stashing at least one of the cars.

We're not detectives or have any criminal investigative training whatsoever, but we would suggest that if the thieves stole "numerous vehicle key fobs," then four of them likely match the cars that were stolen. Call it a hunch if you like.


Nassau County Police hasn't released details of which specific models were stolen but is asking anyone with details of the crime to call them. They have not yet made any arrests in the case and are continuing their investigations.

Just a few days ago, we reported on where thieves stole six Dodge Charger Hellcat models in just 40 seconds. We only report on the most interesting raids on dealerships, but it's all too common now. Just from reading reports, we have some advice for dealers and service centers - either make sure you start securing keys to cars properly or securely move them off-site overnight. Although thefts like these make great headlines, we don't want to see cars stolen, ruined, or broken up for parts when they could go to people that will respect, enjoy, and preserve them.

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