Thieves Steal $250k Worth Of Wheels And Tires With No One Noticing

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Talk about a bad day down at the dealership.

Here at CarBuzz we hate car thieves with a passion. But sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due. WFAA ABC 8 in Dallas is reporting that a highly organized group of thieves managed to pull off an amazing heist in Tyler, Texas, stealing 48 sets of wheels and tires from new cars at Peltier Chevrolet. Police say surveillance video shows the thieves driving a box truck onto the lot around 1:00 A.M. They then cut the lights and begin working, leaving 48 cars on blocks by the time they drive off some four hours later.

Unfortunately we can't embed the video of the newscast but there is this clip shot by YouTuber Texarkana FYI which shows the aftermath of the heist.

Tyler Police believe these thieves have been operating at dealerships all over Texas in a similar fashion. While this type of theft is highly complex and insanely risky the reward seems to outweigh the risk for this crew. The estimated value of the stolen wheels and tires is $250,000. Manufacturers are offering bigger and bigger wheels nowadays, which means curbed rims aren't the only things people (and apparently dealerships) have to fear. Hopefully police nab these thieves before they strike again and leave more cars on blocks.

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