Thieves Steal And Torch A $2.5 Million Piece Of Ferrari History


Princess Diana rode in this damn Ferrari!

One of the more well-traveled Ferrari Daytonas has just met an untimely end in Australia. The 1972 Daytona was stolen, along with a 1986 328, from a shop in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside. The Daytona was in the shop to receive some light work, having made a trip recently to the Motorclassica car show. Both were stolen after thieves rammed their way through a rolled-down door (think the types used for mall stores). The cars were stolen early Friday morning and the Daytona, or rather its charred corpse, was found a day later.

This Daytona had been fully restored by its owner, Enzo Ceravolo, three weeks prior to being stolen and had a value of around $2.5 million; the 328 is valued at north of $100,000. The high price makes this a huge loss, of course, but this particular Daytona was also a piece of British history as well. It was driven by British Formula One driver James Hunt, Pink Floyd member Roger Waters and Dodi Fayed, aka the boyfriend of Princess Diana. Yeah, this Ferrari likely had a princess (or two) in its passenger seat. Police are still searching for the culprits. Hopefully they find them before another Ferrari is set ablaze. This is why we can't have nice and famous things, folks.

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