Thieves Steal Hellcat From Dealership In 90 Seconds Using Tow Truck


Wait until you see how they got the Charger Hellcat to the tow truck.

This Dodge Charger Hellcat theft is incredible for a few reasons. According to CBS Detroit, the thieves broke into the showroom of Highland Park, Michigan's, Snethkamp's Ram City and stole the muscle car off the floor in about 90 seconds. WWJ News Radio 950's Vickie Thomas shared the security camera footage on Twitter. The thieves push the car out the front door and then shove it down the street using a van (seriously) towards a waiting tow truck. More incredible than the tactics used is the fact that police still haven't caught the crooks.

The theft happened at 1:00 A.M. and the dealership's owner, Mark Snethkamp, said the cops arrived shortly after the thieves made their escape. "It looks like they had about a minute and 30 seconds to open the door and push the car out, and then we see another car pushing it away. We've got some really good video and I'm shocked that the Highland Park police didn't catch them because they were here very shortly right after them," Snethkamp told Thomas. Despite the theft happening so quickly it's a little hard to believe that cops didn't catch these guys in the act. There was a freaking tow truck hauling away a bright orange Charger Hellcat for crying out loud! What is more suspicious than that?!

We hate to commend criminals but credit where credit is due: These guys had a plan and executed it flawlessly. Other would-be car thieves who tried to drive stolen vehicles off of showroom floors have not been so lucky or well-prepared. Snethkamp's Ram City must be pissed, and rightfully so. The good news is it could have been much worse, as in $250,000 worth of wheels and tires stolen overnight worse. When you put it like that losing one $75,000 Hellcat doesn't seem so bad. Scene photos and screen caps via Vickie Thomas for WWJ.

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