Thieves Stole $70,000 Worth Of SRT Wheels From A Dealership Lot

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Of course they got away clean.

Unfortunately there's not much information behind this video. And even more unfortunately…it's shot vertically. But what we can glean from the title and the person talking off camera is this: A total of $70,000 worth of wheels (and tires) were stolen from a bunch of SRT Chargers and Challengers at a dealership. It sounds as if the person describing the theft said that 14 cars total were hit; if you count there are 12 cars in the video missing wheels. That's one hell of a night for whoever pulled this off.

Commenters on Reddit-where the video was posted-are speculating that it was an inside job. Indeed, it seems that's the only way to pull something this crazy off. Also, does anyone else think it's rude that the thieves didn't even bother to brick the cars?!


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