Think Ben Affleck Sucks As Batman? Then Buy This Real Batmobile


But it will cost you $1.1 million.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted last week to a host of negative reviews, but still set a new record at the box office for $170.1 million. While comic fans are some of the hardest people to please, one lucky automotive enthusiast and Batman fanatic has the opportunity to buy the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s original Batman. A Russian car retailer is betting that someone loves the classic film so much, they'll be willing to fork over $1.1 million for the Batmobile that's at least rumored to come from the actual movie.

Moscow-based listed the Caped Crusader’s wheels on its website, stating that the company has been “looking for Batmobiles around the world, but we have received several rejections without explanation. Their owners don’t want to part with them for any money.” According to, no Batmobile has ever been owned by a Russian citizen. For $1.1 million, one would hope that this is the original car that was used in the movie, but the seller doesn’t make that very clear saying, “…has been recognized by experts: studio Warner acknowledged it one of the best in the world by giving the current owner of a certificate.” The certificate should be taken with a healthy dose of salt, but the specs for the vehicle do match the production designer’s notes.

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The original Batmobile and the model on sale have the chassis from GM, which is from the Impala, with power coming from a big block V8. While the film designer used a Chevrolet motor for the actual movie car,’s model features a 7.5-liter Ford engine. With a claimed top speed of 155 mph and only 14,000 miles on the clock, this Batmobile definitely moves. Whether it actually appeared in the movie or not is up for debate, but we’re sure some Russian millionare will fork over the money for the ability to act like a superhero.

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