Think The New Lexus Styling Looks Like Complete Hell? Blame This Guy

Not that we're pointing the finger or anything.

There was a time when Lexus' styling was so drab and boring that its appeal extended almost exclusively to older buyers. Younger customers didn’t even consider buying a Lexus. That’s not a good business model to go by and Lexus has finally realized that. The result is a design language that resembles a new crossbreed between Darth Vader and a pug dog. Some call it daring and dramatic. Others think it’s butt ugly, and most seem to fall into the latter category.

Should Lexus have gone with something different? Hate the new look? Then this guy, Lexus IS designer Hideaki Iida, is to blame. Well, partly to blame. To his credit, he’s passionate about cars and wants customers to be happy with their purchase. Still, that front-end styling is a bit polarizing. What do ya’ll think?

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