Thinking About Buying A New Ford GT? You Might Have To Apply First

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Sorry, but this Ford's not for the masses.

We already knew that it would be tough to buy a new Ford GT due to the fact that only 250 will be made per year. Now there's word from reddit, specifically redditor 3031983, claiming there will be an application process. The poster says he works at a dealership and that the info was released on an internal site. Now this sounds like a sketchy source, because it is. But a quick check of the guy's post history shows almost exclusive activity on car boards and tons of posts on Ford topics. Could be worse.

The process will start in early 2016 and each applicant approved will get a personalized experience. Anyone can apply but priority is being given to loyal Ford buyers and those who currently own the last-gen GT. Approved buyers will be assigned one of the supercars and able to pick it up at any GT-approved dealership. Now even though the source isn't the best this does seem like legit info, especially given the fact that the new GT is expected to sell for possibly $400,000. With such limited availability and high pricing it only makes sense to keep this supercar roped off from the masses.

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