Thinking Ahead: Design Student Creates Honda S2000 of the Future

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Long live the Honda S2000.

The Honda S2000 still tops our list as one of the best sports cars built in recent years. Although Honda sadly discontinued it not long ago, it won't be easily forgotten. Powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder VTEC mated to a wonderful six-speed manual, the S2000 was literally the ideal package for what a proper sports roadster had to be. For now, Honda has been mum as to whether they'll launch a proper replacement (there's always hope), but one design student is truly thinking ahead.

We've said in the past that if Honda were to do a new S2000, they'd likely be able to regain some of the prestige they've lost lately in the wake of launching some dull models (read: the Civic). Designed by a student named Michael Mcgee, he took part in a Honda sponsored project that was intended to generate ideas and provide visuals for new S2000 that would hypothetically launch in 2020. He says that his "design is classic and advanced simultaneously. It uses simple surfacing but an innovative frame structure and function to balance a raw, classic sports car attitude with an advanced concept that pushes into the future."

Inspired by an R/C car, he concept shown here has an "emphasis on lightness and plastics". In fact, the yellow body sides can even be swapped for "other styles and colors based on what customers want." No details were given as to powertrain, but from the looks of this design study, we definitely think Mcgee is on the right track.

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