Thinking Different: smart for-us EV Debuts at Detroit

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Going in a slightly different direction, smart reveals their for-us EV pickup concept at Detroit.

When one thinks of a model from smart, well, let's leave it at that. We're aware that the brand doesn't appeal to pretty much anyone who has a passion for anything with a shred of performance ability. But for those who are into city cars, the brand has literally come to define that segment. And now the Daimler division has just revealed their new smart for-us concept at this year's Detroit Auto Show. As we reported before, the new concept is a major departure for the brand as it's their first pickup.

Powered by a fully modern electric drive with a 55kW magneto-electric motor, it produces 95lb-ft of torque and has a top speed of 75 mph. smart also claims the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of up to 17.6 kWh. Compared to the standard smart car, the for-us is 50 millimeters taller, which the automaker claims makes it "perfectly suitable to off-road driving, for example to reach mountain bike terrain." It also has a longer wheelbase and a wider track over the regular models, and it's been designed with short overhangs at the front and rear in order to make it exceedingly compact.

The goal, as the automaker is claiming, is to lure those who have an outdoor lifestyle who not only love pickups, but also care about the environment. The interior was designed with technical functional elements in brushed aluminum contrasted with white metallized leather and yellow highlights. Like the smart forvision, the for-us has a cockpit that features aerodynamic styling for better interior ventilation. Since this is supposed to be a pickup, smart claims the cargo bed has two slits for the front wheels of their own smart ebikes.

There's also a special docking station in the middle that allows for the ebikes to be charged while being transported. All told, there's 900 mm of space in the cargo area. Although it's only a concept for now, it seems that smart is serious about moving forward with this concept. If it ever makes production, it will certainly be the most interesting model they've built yet.


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