Thinking Green: Toyota Named World's Greenest Brand

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Toyota was named the world's greenest brand by international brand consultancy Interbrand.

Toyota has been named the world's greenest brand according to a new Interbrand study. The study also put Toyota ahead of 3M and Siemens. The results of the first ever Best Global Green Brands survey were published this week by the international brand consultancy. Just a year ago, the international brand consultancy had stated that Toyota's large recalls had caused the Japanese automaker to drop from 8th to 11th place in Interbrand's Global Brands study.

The survey was based in part on interviews with over 10,000 consumers in such global markets as France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil, UK, US and India. The study gave Toyota a Green Performance Score of 64.19 points. For Toyota, it's all about their hybrid technology, which has made its way into over 3.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles since 1997. Toyota is also making their manufacturing plants green through sustainable power infrastructure, which can be seen in their eco plant that runs on a large-scale solar power system in the UK.

Interbrand continued to praise the green friendly Japanese automaker. With the Prius being the best-selling hybrid on the market right now, it's really no surprise that Toyota takes the title of world's greenest brand.

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