This $1,000,000 Toyota 2000GT Had A Bullet Fired Through The Driver's Door

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No word on the condition of the driver.

From 1967 until 1970, Toyota built a total of 351 2000GT sports coupes, thus proving the Japanese automaker was fully capable of excellent engineering and design. Heck, the 2000GT even served as James Bond's drive in "You Only Live Twice," though it was a convertible, of which only two were made. As part of the 2000GT's 50th anniversary, Toyota has produced this video telling the story of one particular 2000GT. Owner Jane Weitzmann and her late husband imported the car from Japan years ago.

Although they don't have its complete history, one thing is for certain: a bullet hole in the driver's side door was discovered during the restoration.

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"It would have hit the driver somewhere in the upper thigh, so that could account for the (crash) damage that had obviously been done to the front end at some point," Weitzmann says. Regardless, the 2000GT has aged wonderfully and it still looks incredible today. Oh, and they cost an absolute fortune. This one is worth $1,000,000, as are several other surviving examples.

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