This 10-Year-Old Smokes A Set Of Hellcat Tires Better Than Most Adults


This kid isn't old enough to see a PG-13 movie but he can do some sweet burnouts.

The best time to learn a new skill is when you're young. For some that skill is a second language and for others it's an instrument. For this kid it's sweet, sweet burnouts. We implore gearheads to "start them when they're young" because the result can sometimes be this: a 10-year-old kid doing an expertly executed burnout in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Burnouts aren't easy for adults to do, with the result of a failed attempt sometimes proving to be disastrous in the extreme. (R.I.P. clutch and all that.)

Make sure you watch this video all the way to the end to see the smile on junior's face. After watching this clip we kind of want a dad do-over. Learning to drive stick in the high school parking lot was a cool bonding moment but it has nothing on this.

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