This 12-Year-Old Races Supercars For Fun: Does He Have The World's Best Dad?

We want a dad do-over, please.

There are cool dads and then there are kickass, frickin’ amazing dads. The dad in this video is the latter, at least if you consider buying your son a McLaren 650S to race a sign of parental awesomeness. As the dad tells it, his son started playing racing games when he was younger and was really good at them. (Keep in mind the kid is only 12 now.) Since his son was so good, and because his dad raced for fun, he decided to buy him a McLaren to see how he drove in the real world.

From the looks of things the kid can handle his own out on the strip. It's awesome to see gearheads bond with their kids, especially ones with deep pockets.

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