This 16-Cylinder Cadillac Eldorado Is The Definition Of Insanity, And It's For Sale

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The Mosler company had a couple of wicked awesome screws loose in the late 90s.

BMW scratched the surface of madness when it came out with the 850ci: The car with two of everything under the hood, even two batteries. What did that get? Not a lot of speed. What's surprising, or not very surprising, is America tried the same thing but bigger. Two batteries is one thing, but what about two V8s? The company once famous for supercars, Mosler, created an abomination in 1999 called the Twinstar. It was a Cadillac Eldorado with two V8s, producing about 575 horsepower total.

Is it just us or does that just not sound like enough power for all that displacement. Anyway, now there's one for sale on eBay. It has all-wheel-drive and uses one engine per drive axle. If BMW only scratched the surface of madness, Mosler took a sledgehammer and smashed the ice all the way through. It even has two ignitions. What did all that weight and power get the driver? A scarcely believable five-second 0-60 mph time. For all its oddities, however, the car is something special. There's only five of these that Mosler made. The auction ends January 2, and the price is currently sitting at $9,188. For all its insanity its luxurious and ludicrous design make it damn cool.

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