This 16-Year-Old Started Off With A Tesla Model S: Now He's An Entrepeneur


What did he do to get that kind of upgrade?!

The story behind 16-year-old Haydn Sonnad’s way to entrepreneurshipis a pretty cool one. Sonnad told his father that he wanted a Tesla Model S andhis father was open to it. However, Sonnad would have to come up with a way topay for the monthly cost. That’s when Sonnad came up with the idea of shuttlingpeople back and forth to Las Vegas from Los Angeles for money, thus creating Tesloop.A seat in either direction comes in at $85, much cheaper than driving your own car or flying.

Sonnad had to have “Pilots," or the Tesloop drivers, drive the cars due to license restrictions on new drivers. There is unlimited Wi-Fi so working on the go is quite useful.

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However, phone calls are limited to three minutes per call to create a relaxing environment. The Pilots will take your luggage for you, making this sort of like a long haul taxi service. Driving from Southern California to Las Vegas isn't the worst thing in the world but it does put wear on your car and require you to shell out money for gas and time for the trip, about five hours. A plane flight is shorter but it costs more and with in-car WiFi you can surf the Internet, work or game to kill the time. We're going to say advantage, Tesla. Elon Musk, get this kid a job!